Shipping specimens


Please email me to discuss all orders and shipments. 

Orders must include the following:

Please include all completed forms with the shipment.


  • Place the plastic bag containing the frozen bird(s) in a styrofoam cooler. 

  • Insulate the cooler with newspaper and tape closed. 

  • Place the cooler in a cardboard box.  

  • Label the outside of the box stating its contents. 

    • (Example: 2 Male Wood Ducks, 1 Male Mallard.)


  • Ship birds via UPS or Federal Express - Next Day Air. 

  • Try to ship frozen birds at the beginning of the week  to reduce the risk of spoilage.

keeping in touch

  • You will be notified by e-mail when your shipment and deposit arrive. 

  • The birds will  be assessed for mounting as soon as they are received.

  • A quote will be emailed detailing the cost and any additional information.